Tarjeta de entrada digital DI9371
  • Tarjeta de entrada digital DI9371

B&R X20DI9371 | Módulo de entrada digital

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Módulo de entrada digital X20DI9371 B&R12 entradas, 24 VDC, receptor, filtro de entrada configurable, conexiones de 1 hilo.

  • 12 entradas digitales
  • Conexión del fregadero
  • Conexiones de 1 hilo
  • El filtro de entrada de software se puede configurar para todo el módulo
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Short description X20DI9371
I/O module Twelve 24 VDC digital inputs for 1-wire connections
General information X20DI9371
B&R ID code 0x1B95
Status indicators I/O function per channel, operating state, module status
Module run/error Yes, with status LED and software status
Power consumption  
Bus 0.18 W
Internal I/O -
External I/O 1.75 W
Additional power dissipation caused by the actuators (resistive) [W] -
Electrical isolation  
Channel - Bus Yes
Channel - Channel No
Certification types  
CE Yes
c-UL-us Yes
Digital input modules X20DI9371
Rated voltage 24 VDC
Input voltage 24 VDC -15% / +20%
Input current at 24 VDC Typ. 3.75 mA
Input filter  
Hardware ≤ 100 μs
Software Default 1 ms, can be configured between 0 and 25 ms in 0.2 ms intervals
Connection type 1-line connection
Input circuit Sink
Input resistance Typ. 6.4 kΩ
With 24 V I/O supply 100%
With 28.8 V I/O supply 75%
Switching threshold  
Isolation voltage between channel and bus 500 Veff
Operating conditions X20DI9371
Mounting orientation  
Horizontal Yes
Vertical Yes
Installation at altitudes above sea level  
0 to 2000 m keine Einschränkung
>2000 m Reduction of ambient temperature by 0.5°C per 100 m
EN 60529 protection IP20
Environmental conditions X20DI9371
Horizontal installation -25°C bis +60°C
Vertical installation -25°C bis +50°C
Derating Gleichzeitigkeit bei 24 V I/O Versorgung und >55°C 11 Kanäle;
Gleichzeitigkeit bei 28,8 V I/O Versorgung und >55°C 8 Kanäle
Storage -40°C bis +85°C
Transport -40°C bis +85°C
Relative humidity  
Operation 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Storage 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Transport 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Mechanical characteristics X20DI9371
Note Order 1x X20TB12 terminal block separately
Order 1x X20BM11 bus module separately
Spacing 12.5+0.2 mm

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