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Access control and presence

Access control and presence

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Extended Portable...

The ONITY Extended Portable Programmer (XPP) has the ability to set up Operators to use the XPP, Allow or disallow various functions based on operator level or at the time of loading, greatly increased capacity, and the ability to load via directly connecting to the serial port of the computer which allows for faster loading of the unit.


CT30 portable programmer

Portable Programmer CT30 Onity locks and readers.

Onity Portable Programmer locks to configure an installation having turned in the same all the information from the program integrates 3

Integra 3 Software

Full program for the control and management of facilities Onity locks and readers, Integra 3

Autonomous control unit...

This board controls a door, the reader input and output, remote opening button, the sensor detector door status, input and tamper detection for attack or sabotage, and the shunt opening, local alarm, deshinibidor alarm at the opening, intruder and door left open.

Autonomous unit door (On line)

This control unit receives from the PC the closure plan assigned to it, and from that time until 10 independently managed units and door alarms connected to it. Manages 16,000 to 65,000 users by configuration.