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Fork sensor GSU 06

Fork sensor GSU 06 Leuze, expert sheets

This fork sensor with metal casing is excellent for detecting film labels, labels metallized foil and metal foil. Also available is a special model for controlling web break.

Fork sensor GSU 14

Fork sensor GSU 14 Leuze, universal ultrasound

Ultrasonic sensor fork universal applicability for reliable detection. With its large mouth wide, this ultrasonic fork sensor is also suitable for labels on accordion folded papers and brochures.

Fork sensor IGSU 14

Fork sensor IGSU 14 Leuze

The version with chemically nickel-plated metal housing, ideal for applications in the field of food, which is essential to not skip the paint. This sensor is the first choice for the universal detection of labels thanks to Easy Teach, ALC function (adjustment of the switching threshold), warning output ..

Fork sensor GK 14

GK fork sensor 14 Leuze, proven technology for transparent labels

Capacitive sensor fork is especially suitable for transparent labels without metallization.

Fork sensor GS 61

Fork sensor GS 21 Leuze, the smallest fork sensor in industrial quality

Optical sensor slimline design fork with a width of 3 mm mouth for accurate detection of labels on the carrier material.

Fork sensor GS 63

Fork sensor GS 63 Leuze, first-class technology in the new design

The chemically nickel-plated metal casing This optical fork sensor is ideal for applications in the food sector, where it is important not to skip the paint. Thanks to its mouth width of 3 mm and depth of 60 mm mouth, this sensor is also the most appropriate for wide labels.

Fork sensor GS 04

Fork sensor GS 04 Leuze, adaptable and robust

This series with mouth widths 20-220 mm optimally adapts to each application thanks to its adjustable sensitivity and switching light / dark. Models by laser can also be reliably detect smaller pieces.