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Contrast sensor KRT 20

Contrast sensor Leuze KRT 20, ultrafast systems cut marks and high resolution.

With time fluctuation of <7 microseconds, with points precise, round and small light, memory storage and interface free programming and compensation perfect temperature, these sensors with robust metal housing can cope with faster processes .

Contrast sensor KRT 55

Contrast sensor Leuze KRT 55 in WASH-DOWN design

The hygienic design is one of the essential requirements where they are manufactured, processed or packaged foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. These sensors contrast to WASH-DOWN design also resist the most intensive cleaning and disinfection cycles.

Contrast sensor KRT 3B

The smallest of its kind also with IO-Link

Contrast sensors Leuze KRT 3B series of distinguished gray tones, thereby detecting the minimum contrasts. This way you can check the presence of typefaces or inscriptions, or marks detect calls.

CRT 20B color sensor

CRT color sensor 20B Leuze, high Speed with great flexibility

With extensive parameterization options and channels 1 or 4 colors with individually adjustable color tolerance, this series can be used for fast processes with short response times.

CRT 448 color sensor

CRT color sensor 448 Leuze, flexible standard

This series with 3 color channels and the scan function for color gradients can be used with great flexibility in many areas of application.

Luminescence sensor LRT 8

LRT luminescence sensor 8 Leuze, a small and powerful allrounder

With different profiles point of light, leaks, variants of issuers and accessories this compact design offers everything necessary to detect luminescent objects.

LRT 8/24.04-50-S12 -...

Luminescence sensor - LRT 8 - Leuze

Ref.: LRT 8/24.04-50-S12 - 50041840 - Luminescence sensor

Price €533.00