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LPS measuring sensor 36

Camera profiles LPS Leuze 36 is used in all installations where you have to determine height profiles in mobile or static objects. An additional encoder connection facilitates the generation of 3D data calibrated. So many options are possible application, such as robot guidance or determination of contours and volumes.

LRS measuring sensor 36

The Line Range Leuze sensors allow bidimensional detection by scanning objects along a laser line. With a sensor 16 can be detected objects maximum. Through the parameter detection complex tasks are solved with a single sensor. A perfect solution, for example to transport several lines or integrity checks.

Measuring sensor ROD 4 (plus)

ROD 4 laser sensors Leuze for object detection and measurement of contours without contact. By a rotating mirror a laser beam measurement deviates by capturing an area of 190 ° with a radius of 65 m. In addition there are variants for object detection up to four simultaneous detection fields.

Measuring sensor ODSL 8

Measuring sensor Leuze ODSL 8, simple and robust.

The compact laser distance sensors of this series in compact metal housing provide distance information regardless of referrals. The sensor provides a quick start by Teach-In.

Measuring sensor ODSL 9

Measuring sensor Leuze ODSL 9 high-tech walking distance.

With optical sensors ODSL 9, the sensor allows accurate even in difficult measurement conditions. The integrated display shows the measured values and can easily adjust the sensor. Distance sensors show the highest possible accuracy when digital interfaces are used.

Measuring sensor ODS 96B

Distance sensors Leuze series of ODS 96B have wide ranges of measurement 60-25000 mm. The integrated display shows the measured values and the sensor can be adapted easily to the measurement task. In addition to analog interfaces and switched outlets, also it offers digital interfaces (avoid conversion losses, control and transmission of measured data)

Measuring sensor ODSL 30

In black objects, the ODSL 30 Leuze measuring sensor measures distances up to 30 m wide and light objects, even up to 65 m. The resolution of 1 mm sensor can measure very precisely how the entire measurement range. The integrated display shows the measured values and can easily adapt the sensor to the measurement task.

Measuring sensor GS 754

Mouth with widths of 27 or 100 mm, this sensor 754 GS fork Leuze reliable measurement results supplied by the linear CCD in a measuring range of 25 mm in length. According to the parameters can be measured transparent edges, wire diameters, threads and many other objects.

Measuring sensor series UDS...

Leuze USDS measuring sensor 430 Series, the most versatile for great distances.

New types M30 with metal casing are much more compact, and are ideal for detecting fluid levels and bulk. High accuracy for temperature compensation.

ODSL 96B M/C6.S-800-S12 -...

Optical laser distance sensors - ODSL 96B - LEUZE

Ref.: ODSL 96B M/C6.S-800-S12 - 50106728 - Optical distance sensor

Price €750.00

BPS 8 SM 102-09 - Barcode...

Barcode positioning system - BPS 8 - LEUZE

Ref.: BPS 8 SM 102-09 - 50129324 - Barcode positioning system

Depth of field: 80 ... 140mm