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Serie 2 - LSSR 2,150-S8

  • LEUZE Photocell barrier
  • Emitter (Couple Reciever clarity LSER 2/42,150-S8 - Couple Reciever darkness LSER 2/42D,150-S8)
  • Miniaturized sensor with visible red light
  • Homogeneous light spot visible with pin-point LED
  • Universal connection options
  • Plastic housing stable with temperature variations metal nozzle positioned fastening for secure mounting

Inductive sensor IS 288

Smaller standard cubic Leuze sensors.

With a laterally aligned detection field can be achieved integration that saves space and costs. Through our special support, the sensors can be mounted even in the slot of a profile ITEM.

LPS measuring sensor 36

Camera profiles LPS Leuze 36 is used in all installations where you have to determine height profiles in mobile or static objects. An additional encoder connection facilitates the generation of 3D data calibrated. So many options are possible application, such as robot guidance or determination of contours and volumes.

Contrast sensor KRT 20

Contrast sensor Leuze KRT 20, ultrafast systems cut marks and high resolution.

With time fluctuation of <7 microseconds, with points precise, round and small light, memory storage and interface free programming and compensation perfect temperature, these sensors with robust metal housing can cope with faster processes .

Fork sensor GSU 06

Fork sensor GSU 06 Leuze, expert sheets

This fork sensor with metal casing is excellent for detecting film labels, labels metallized foil and metal foil. Also available is a special model for controlling web break.

Fixed barcode reader BCL 8

Fixed barcode reader BCL 8 Leuze

The barcode reader BCL 8 has an integrated system for all commonly used barcodes, including pharmaceutical codes decoder. Made of metal casing for use in the most demanding industrial environments.

RF-IDent System RFI 32

RF-Ident system RFI 32 Leuze, is patient

This fixed reader for transponders fixed code is universally applicable for reading assignments, also at high ambient temperatures.

Safety Laser Scanner RS4-2E...

RS4-2E safety laser scanner (Extended) Leuze, for vertical access protection and hazardous points

This feature pack provides great flexibility in protecting access and hazardous points with 8 pairs of protective fields / Switchable notice.

LSR 2 Serie 2 Throughbeam...

Leuze LSR 2 Serie 2 Throughbeam photoelectric sensors

With their very small light spot, these classic throughbeam photoelectric sensors are predestined for the reliable detection of small parts. Their miniature format also allows them to be mounted in constrained spaces.

LRS measuring sensor 36

The Line Range Leuze sensors allow bidimensional detection by scanning objects along a laser line. With a sensor 16 can be detected objects maximum. Through the parameter detection complex tasks are solved with a single sensor. A perfect solution, for example to transport several lines or integrity checks.

Contrast sensor KRT 55

Contrast sensor Leuze KRT 55 in WASH-DOWN design

The hygienic design is one of the essential requirements where they are manufactured, processed or packaged foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. These sensors contrast to WASH-DOWN design also resist the most intensive cleaning and disinfection cycles.