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Base Buss BB80

X20 bus base
for X20 base module (BC, HB, ...)
and X20 supply module,
X20AC0SL1/X20AC0SR1 X20 end plates
left and right included

Price €28.80

X20BM11 Bus module

B&R X20BM11 Bus module, 24 VDC keyed, internal I/O supply continuous.

  • Bus module for 24 VDC I/O modules
  • The internal I/O supply is interconnected
Price €6.00

X20BM01 Power supply bus...

B&R X20BM01 Power supply bus module, 24 VDC keyed, internal I/O sup-ply interrupted to the left.

  • Basis for all power supply modules
  • For creating voltage groups
  • The internal I/O supply is isolated to the left
Price €9.60

B&R 0TB103.9

1-row 3-pin terminal block 0TB103 is used for the power supply.

Price €3.60

B&R 0TB704.9

The single-row 4-pin terminal block 0TB704 is used as the voltage supply terminal block and the connection terminal for fieldbuses.

Price €4.00