Safety Light Curtains MLC 500

MLC Series 500 Leuze, newest extraordinarily robust light curtains type 4 generation. Levels of functions - "Basic, Standard and Extended" - allow efficient use of equipment in all areas. Has pinout according to AIDA, AS-i interface integrated safety classes IP67 / 69K versions and impact resistance.


  • Automatic reset
  • Optimum handling
  • Prevents sensors affect each other thanks to the choice of transmission channels and, if necessary, by reducing the scope
  • Universal application using standard functions
  • Short delivery times with a global availability
  • QR code on the sensor to quickly access information service
  • Reducing the scope if necessary
  • Basic functions such as manual / automatic reset (RES), monitoring (EDM)
  • By selecting optimum handling function without PC and LED indicator and 7-segment display with integrated alignment aid 3 areas
  • Applicable hazardous areas Group II, Category 3, Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (dust)
  • Integrated muting time control for a provisional specific suppression of the protective function, p function. eg. to transport material through the protective field
  • Fixed or floating blanking, reduced resolution: it is always necessary when service by imperatives must be no objects in the protective field
  • Different scan modes: to adapt the availability select SingleScan, DoubleScan or MaxiScan
  • Teaching without PC: parameterization and learning, p. eg. a floating blanking, they are simple and fast
  • Smart function Gating Process integrated process control along with control of the facility; no muting sensors are needed
  • It allows the compact design of the facilities, saving valuable space
  • Reduced risk and increased reliability for high availability manipulations installation


Technical data
Type in accordance with IEC / EN 61496Type 4
SIL in accordance with IEC 61508 and IEC / EN 62061 (SILCL)
Presentation Level (PL) according to EN ISO 13849-1
PL e
Número de haces
2/3/4 mm
Beam distance500/400/300 mm
Height of protection (model dependent)
0.5 ... 50 m (transceiver system). 20 ... 70 m (transceiver system). 0.5 ... 6 m (transceiver system, 3-beam). 0.5 ... 8 m (transceiver system, 2-beam)
Cross section profile
52 x 65 mm
Safety outputs (OSSDs)
2 PNP transistor outputs.
Connection system
Connector. M12
 Automatic reset, manual reset selectable Contactor monitoring (EDM), selectable with 2 muting sensors (parallel, sequential), programmable operation modes, Laser Alignment (optional transceiver systems).
 Version available as a transceiver with 3 beams. Muting function built in, does not require additional modules Muting. The parameters are set simply by wiring, ie no software required, PC or DIP switches. Possibility of use with low ambient temperatures to -30 ° C. Options: Laser Alignment Integrated Muting lamp integrated 7-segment display.

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