EVS9324ES Standard 3kW

LENZE frequency inverter Standard power 9300 Servo series three-phase 400VAC control voltage / frequency. With modular communication LECOM, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen and CAN. (These modules are available separately)



 Technical data
 Power  3kW
 Voltage  400 V, three-phase, 320 ... 528 V, 45 ... 65 Hz
 Weather conditions
 3K3 class by EN 60721-3-3
 Temperature range
  Storage: -25ºC hasta +55ºC
  Operation: 0ºC ... +55ºC (2,5% power reduction foreach ºC over +40ºC)
 Mounting height
  0 ... 4000m asl (5% power reduction foreach 1000 m over 1000m asl)
 < 95% (witouh condensation)
 Vibration resistance
 Acceleration resistence until 1g by EN 5178
 Protection  IP20 by EN 60529
 Protection measures
  • shotcircuit
  • earth leakage
  • overvoltage
  • subvoltage
  • motor swing
  • motor overload
 EMC  Requemirent acomplisment by EN 61800-3/A11
 Interference emission
  Class A limit value acomplisment by EN 55011 mounted over ellectrical board. Single-phase models without aditional filter (integrated filter). Three-phase models with appropriated filter.
 Overload capacity
 Nominal current 180% over 60 seconds
 Carrier frequency
 1, 2, 4 kHz
 Output frequency
 -300 ... +300 Hz
 Conformity and approval
 CE, UL, cUL

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