ESV371N02YXB 230V I+N/III 0.37KW

LENZE frequency converter SMV series single/three-phase 230VAC power vector control. IP31 protection. With modular communication LECOM, MODBUS, CAN, DeviceNet, Profibus DP and Ethernet IP. (Each module is supplied separately)



 Technical data
 Power  0.37kW
 Voltage  230 V, mono-phase/three-phase, 180 ... 264 V, 48 ... 62 Hz
 Temperature range
  Storage: -20ºC hasta +70ºC
  Operation: 0ºC ... +55ºC (2,5% power reduction foreach ºC over +40ºC)
 Mounting height
  0 ... 4000m asl (5% power reduction foreach 1000 m over 1000m asl)
 < 95% (witouh condensation)
 Vibration resistance
 Acceleration resistence until 1,0g
 Protection  IP31
 Protection measures
  • shotcircuit
  • earth leakage
  • overvoltage
  • subvoltage
  • motor swing
  • motor overload
 Conformity and approval
 CE, UL508C
 Comunication  Wih modular communications.

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